Has there been much interest?
We continue to have great interest. As after the last 3 cruises, when 40% plus of those on board booked for the next cruise, we had the same response on our 2019 cruise, where over 40% on board again booked for the following year, 2020.  We are averaging about 90 guests on each cruise.

Is air Included?

No but we will provide rates for those who wish to book.

What is included?

All events with Greg, T-Shirts, and Radio Spirits gift bags with popular radio Shows CD's.  Also meals and all ship entertainment and all ship facilities

What is not included?

Flights, Insurance, liquor, soft drinks, shore excursions and gambling.

Single pricing?

The price of the cabins for a single is about 85% of the price for two in the cabin

Single Sharing?

If someone wants to double with another single I will get you in contact with each other and it will up to you to select who you will share with? 

How do I book? 

Please call me at 800-269-2127. I’ll need full names, addresses, date of birth and which type of cabin you want.  $500 refundable deposit will hold the cabin. Whether you have points or are a Crown and Anchor member we can book you on the cruise. Please make sure you book through Larry Schwartz at the above telephone number.

When is final payment due?

March 2020. We can book after that date but rates will be at the existing cruise rate at the time of booking. 

Can I book through another agent?

No,  only through Larry Schwartz and Associates at Dream Vacations.

Is this going to be appropriate for Minors?

YES. In past year we had a number of teens and tweens who participated in the events.

When do I need to book? 

Booking is open and will last until we run out of cabins