“I just took my second cruise with Radio Classics.  We visited Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  All the stops were interesting and the scenery beautiful, but the best part was the on-board activities with the Radio Classics group led by Greg Bell & David DeBoy.  What a fun bunch of people.  We all enjoyed learning about and listening to Old Time Radio shows, but the best part was recreating our own shows complete with ham actors and missed sound effects cues.  Hilarious!  No matter where the ship is going, you’ll want to spend more time on board recreating Old Time Radio with this group.  You’ll get hooked on Cruising with Greg Bell and Company!”


Los Angeles, CA

We have been on three Old Time Radio Cruises so far and have already booked the fourth.  Royal Caribbean is a very well respected cruise line with all of the amenities you expect and more. Greg Bell is a super host and an amazing font of classic radio background/historical information. He presents really interesting information from how the shows were written to the nuts and bolts of how the shows were presented over the air “back in the day”. David DeBoy is an unbelievable resource of past and present entertainment industry lore and day to day operations.  Shades of Paul Harvey indeed!  And Larry Schwartz is the consummate host for anything related to the cruise.   If you have any issues related to the Old Time Radio cruise, Larry is the one stop place to go. All in all one of the best times we have had in over 16 years of cruising.  Come along, you will have a super time, and meet a lot of interesting people and gain knowledge on many things


San Rosa, Fl

My husband and I had a wonderful time on the 7th Greg Bell Radio Spirits Cruise. This was our second Greg Bell Cruise.  We went on the 2nd Greg Bell Cruise and loved it. The activities on the ship with Greg Bell, David DeBoy and other members of our group were fun and informative. All of the radio background information, video clips, and question and answer sessions were great. We got a chance not only to do speaking parts and sound effects in radio scripts but got to create parts of scripts and perform in front of the group. We had some really creative writers which kept us laughing. I loved the Radio Spirits Bingo game. We enjoyed getting to know the people in our group at dinner each night.  
Larry, our travel agent, did a fantastic job of getting us all ready and on the ship with lots of emails back and forth answering questions and delivering information and things we needed for the trip. We enjoyed the guided tours at all three stops and had great tour guides. There was also plenty of time to explore on our own. The ship was beautiful. Fun and entertaining activities of all types were going on all the time. The shows at night with singers, dancers, bands and comedians were outstanding. 
We loved everything about the cruise. I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes Greg Bell and SiriusXM 148. I hope to go again!
Ronald “Steve” and Carol 

Weir, MS

We just returned from the Annual Radio Spirits Cruise, with Greg Bell and David DeBoy.  Larry did a superb job of booking and arranging everything!  We had a great time, enjoyed all the Old Time Radio activities, and are already signed up for next year's cruise (our 6th Radio Spirits adventure, courtesy of Larry)!
George and Colleen

Norwalk, CT


Cruising with Greg Bell cruises have been my most enjoyable annual experiences.  The first cruise to Bermuda was actually an eye opening experience for me.  I volunteered for a part in a sample script from an old radio drama.  There were two parts.  We were so bad, I began laughing and could not stop.  I was so embarrassed about that, I didn't volunteer for anything more.  When we got back, the video was shared with the group on youtube.  From an outside viewpoint and with perspective, I realized that my reaction wasn't so terrible.  I have been emboldened to make a fool of myself during all subsequent cruises.  For me, it has been quite liberating. We have cruised to the eastern, western, and southern Caribbean, plus two cruised to Alaska.  Although I enjoyed cruising to all of those destinations, for me, the destination is merely coincidental to the experience of participating with the group.
Larry Schwartz is greatly appreciated for taking care of cruising details. Many thanks to Greg Bell and Davis DeBoy for their excellent presentations and knowledge.  And their families' participation.  And for putting up with us.
I am looking forward to our next cruise along the eastern seaboard.


Monticello, MN

​We just wanted to say that we have really enjoyed sailing with the Radio Classics group for 4 years now and will keep on coming back because we are hooked on sailing with Greg Bell, David DeBoy and our great travel agent, Larry Schwartz.  We happened to be listening to the Radio Classics on our XM radio in the car (is always on that channel) and happened to hear Greg Bell announce that Radio Classics was going on their 3rd cruise and we could sign up for it now!  We did, we went, had a great time, and keep coming back for more and are signed up already for the next cruise. We had been on cruises before with other cruise lines but Royal Caribbean outdid them all - they treat you royally.  Greg Bell is onboard and we actually got to talk to him in person after hearing him on the radio for several years and he is a very personable guy. He gives us more information on the actors and actresses each year and then tests you with a Trivia Game (with prizes)! Then there is  David DeBoy.  He is the funny actor/writer that keeps you in stitches all through the cruise. He is the one that writes some radio programs that have some blanks in it for everyone to fill in and then act out. And he even  shows us how to do the sound effects needed for the play. Everyone gets a chance to be a star. But Larry, our travel agent, is the one that has to keep us straight and he does a great job of that. If you have any questions,or don't know what to do, or get lost, or even if you have a million questions about the cruise, Larry is the one that can answer them.  And believe me, we know. Each cruise you meet new Radio Classic enthusiastics or you might see some of the same people from a previous cruise and you can pick up your friendships from year to year. So, we are hooked on these Radio Classic cruises now wherever they go until we can't cruise anymore!  Try a Radio Classics cruise, it is always fun, and you will love it too.

Pat and Jackie 

Slidell, LA

​We have been on two Old Time Radio Cruises so far and have already booked the third.  It is a GREAT time. Greg Bell and David DeBoy are super hosts and it is really amazing the background/historical information they present.  Shades of Paul Harvey!  And Larry Schwartz is the consummate host for anything related to the cruise.  All in all one of the best times we have had in over 15 years of cruising. 

Jeffrey and Melvin

San Rosa Beach, Fl

​This was my first time taking a Cruise, it was fantastic and a lot of fun, I joined up with Cruisin with Greg Bell, and Dream Vacations, part of the Radio Spirits Radio program. It was awesome, I met a great group of fellow listeners of Old Time Radio programs, with Greg, Larry, and David. I had a great Dinner group, their were Six of us, with a real fun waiter and his assistant who took care of our every need at dinner. Our meetings with our hosts during the cruise, and the script reenactments. The cruise over all with, Royal Caribbean Lines, the great service and food that they provided. I will remember forever. Thanks Again for a great 7 days.


Independence, Ca.   


We really really enjoyed the cruise and meeting some amazingly nice people! I don't know who arranged our dinner guests, but we are going to try to stay in touch. I really liked meeting Kerri and Doug, and Jack and Pat, and Katy and Rick ?- those couples weren't at our table but we met up at different times. Thanks for allowing us to be a part. I don't think I've enjoyed a cruise more! Even though Alaska is my favorite (we've been 8 times), this was a fun and relaxing time - even if I fell twice off my bike! 

Sheryl and Paul

Prairieville, LA


We went on the first cruise and now on the third and find it just keeps getting better. Looking forward to next year. Happy to see that there is a growing interest and more people every year.
Thom and I had a blast. Already planning for the fun that next year will bring and hope to not only see all our pals from this cruise but to meet and make even more friends.
Sharon and Thom
Green Valley, AZ 

Roxanne and I went on a wonderful theme cruise to Alaska in July.
The cruise was made more pleasant due to the ease of booking and wonderful service provided to us by Larry and the Cruise One staff before and during the cruise.

Very well organized and their ability to keep over a hundred of us informed and happy on the cruise was an added bonus.
Larry and Rhona are amazing as well and enjoyed meeting and sailing to Alaska with them.

Would recommend them without hesitation!

Ken and Roxanne

This was our first cruise and we loved it. The ship was beautiful and the food was amazing.
The Radio spirits part of the cruise so much fun!! I can't wait til next year.

Porter, In

Alaskan cruise awesome. Being a part of the Radio Spirits was even more fantastic. Met some great people from all over the US. Made some new friends. Looking forward to being a part of future Radio Spirits adventures.  

Westmoreland, TN


Having worked in the marketing/sales business for years, I want to give you big kudos.  When we returned home, a package was awaiting us from you.  Really a nice professional touch.  Gold star effort!
You did a great job this past week and we enjoyed meeting you and your wife.  T'was a smooth trip from start to finish.

Kirk and Allyn  - Riverview, Florida

Thanks again for a great trip in August.  The arrangements and events went very smoothly!

Milt and Jenny Rancho Corova, CA

Can you send some info about the next Radio Classics cruise? If there's a webpage set up, just send the link. We had a ball on the 2nd annual and want to do it again! 

Syna and Tony - Moorpark, CA

We really enjoyed the cruise and the Radio Spirits portion was outstanding. It was our first cruise and hopefully not our last!  Thank you for all your help especially before the cruise!  The RS video was great. 

Carol and Ron - Weir, MS


We had a wonderful time & would recommend this to anyone. We have told our friends about the trip & have shown the pictures that were enjoyed by all. We thought that both times we met were great.

Sherrie and Alan - Indianapolis, IN

Thought the trip was a great experience! Had almost too much fun reading radio scripts, met many new friends.                                                                                                                                               

Jan -  Monticello, MN

Wow' Patti and I both had a great time and we are ready again!
We met some great people, and there was a lot of hidden talent that none of us knew we had.

Patti and Jay - Newland, NC